Verse 1

Not having All the answers 

To life’s questions and

Can’t see the bigger picture

I don’t understand

But hey

One know some way

You’ll save the day

So I will keep the faith and


Like a child I’m gonna trust in you

I’m gonna believe what you said you will do

I’ll keep holding on 

Cause I know somehow you will see me through 

I will trust in you

I’m gonna believe what you said you will do

I’ll keep holding on 

Cause I know somehow you will see me through

Verse 2

How do you keep forgiving

All my crazy ways

Sometimes I stop believing

But your love says ‘hey’

I’m here I ain’t going no where

Your pain and fears

I will make disappear 



Through my darkest hour

Through the pouring rain

Through the deepest tunnel

Through the hurt and pain

Through the disappointment

Through all the shame

Through the lonely moments 

Through when I call your name!

Repeat chorus 



Verse 1

She looks deep into his eyes

Searching for a love that never dies

Promises not empty words

A ray of sunshine to her world

Pre Chorus 

How she prayed for the day

When true love would come her way

More than friends ‘til the end

Can she open up again


Searching for love

Love that endures

Where can she find someone to trust

More than a friend

Stay till the end

Oh oh oh oh there’s just one man

Verse 2

From the moment she said yes

She commits to love him through the years

Giving him her hopes and dreams

Opened her heart now she believes



A love so tangible

Looks beyond any flaws

And loves through it all 

It’s more than chemistry 

The love he has

Goes deeper




Verse 1

People ask me

Why you trying so hard

Why you reach for the sky 

Take it easy

Cause you’re not getting paid 

But I’ll go anyway 

They don’t know how you inspire me

Why is it hard to see


I wanna make you smile

I wanna make you proud

Look deep into my heart 

And you will see

A desire to make you proud

Verse 2

People wonder

Will this girl ever stop

Will she ever give up

Like an eagle 

I’m determined to soar

It’s what these wings are for

They don’t know how you inspire me

Why is it hard to see




Verse 1

On a windy road that’s never ending

Life is filled with such uncertainty 

And with dangers that sometimes I can’t see

But I’m not shaken 


When the waters rise

I run to you

Covered by the night 

I look to you

Never on my own

Far away from home

Not afraid because 

I’m safe in you

Verse 2

See I know the one who Holds my hand

He will carry me right to the end 

On his promises I stand 

No thing can hurt me


Been longing for arms to hold us 

Finding peace like looking for gold dust,

You said you’ll never forsake us

I only see the pain that breaks us

Your promises stay in my brain though while 

Hopes coming down like rain on the window,

The hate that I see in between us 

Causing betrayal like Judas in people

Despite the fear that their feeding, 

Earth needs a miracle healing,

We’re seeking pleasures for free like 

We have been have been given a magical genie

Running when storms gets reckless,

‘Cause under your shadow is safest

Never alone I’m clinging to Jesus 

‘Cause only HE can guide and protect us



Just a little love love love

Give a little love

It’s what the world needs now

A little bit more love love love

Give a little more love

It’s what the world needs now

To the man on the street

To the girl with no home to call her own

A little bit more love

It’s what the world needs now



Take one day at a time

Know that tomorrow 

Will be just fine

Leave the bitterness behind

Choose to forgive and

And free your mind 

Keep walking






Verse 1

Theres a lesson 

In every blessing

There’s a message 

In every test

Learn from the beauty 

learn from the Pain

Keep walking 


Keep Walking 




Verse 2

Chasing Shadows

Is how it feels sometimes

Oh it feels like you miss the mark

Again and again and again

no matter how hard you try

Pick yourself up and get ready to fight again

You’ve come too far from the place you first began



Every step takes you closer and closer

To your dream

Every day holds the key to your future

With the Lord on your side you can reach it, reach it




Verse 1

I’m alive today eh, eh

It’s a testimony eh, eh

God has made a way eh, eh

Made a way for me eh, eh

Pre Chorus

I lift my hands and say 

‘How great you are, how great you are’

I lift my voice and say

‘How great you are, how great you are’

So glad that you love me

So glad that you care for me

Gave your life for me

That’s why I say


I’m blessed (4x)

Verse 2

Shining like a star eh, eh

It’s the God in me eh, eh

Everything I need eh, eh

He provides for me eh, eh

Pre C



Baba the blessing just day flow

So I go praise you above all

Favour day flow like water so

So I thank you Ose

I go praise you o Ose 

I go praise you o Ose O yeah (x2)


Pre C



Verse 1

Sailing on oceans

No direction

Can’t see the stars 

Covered by darkness

So helpless

How did I get this far

Can anybody hear me

Can anybody help

I’m running out of life time 

I need a life line

Pre Chorus

You came to my rescue

When I didn’t know you

Pulled me into the light you

Called my name

When I tried to hide you 

Never moved from my side pulled 

Pulled me right into the light you 

Got me asking 

Chorus 1

Is it just the way that He walks

Way that He talks

Way that He was

All the love that He brings

Fills us within 

That makes Him the king

Is it everything that He does

From up above

Got me in love

Everyday so amazed by my God

Verse 2

Everything is changing

No longer fading

I’ve got a brand new start

Following a vision 

you have given

I put it in my heart

No I’m not perfect 

But I know that you can help  

Even when it gets crazy

You never fail me 

Pre Chorus

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

You just lead the way and I follow (2x)

I’ll do what you say each & every day  

You just lead the way and I follow





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