Walk walk

Walk walk

Walk walk walk with me

Chorus 1

Come on and walk with me (walk walk)

Walk with me (walk walk)

Come on and walk with me (walk walk)

Walk with me

Walk with me (walk walk)

Come on and walk with me (walk walk)

Come on and hold my hand (walk walk)

Walk with me (2x)

Chorus 2

All along life’s journey

I need you to walk with me (2x)

Spoken word

With each step I take

Every move that I make

When I’m whole and when I break

I need you to be with me all the way


Verse 1

Do you know what it feels like

When your train has been delayed

Seconds slipping away

Now you’re running late

Do you know what it feels like

When you planned somewhere to go

Had a yes and now it’s a no

You can’t let this get to you so


Won’t let nothing steal joy

Won’t let nothing bring me down

I choose to be in control

From sunrise until sundown

Verse 2

Do you know what it feels like

You’ve been waiting on the queue

Then right out of the blue

Someone jumps in front of you

And I know what it feels like

What it feels like

To be misused and mistreated

Nonetheless I’ll rise above it

I won’t let nothing steal my joy


It’s not so cool when

It rains on your parade

When life gives you lemons

You can make lemonade

If you look on the bright side

Get the worry outta your mind

Leave the negatives behind

Everything will be just fine


Verse 1

If you see me smiling and you wonder why

I woke up this morning glad to be alive

It’s a brand dawning it’s a brand new life

Yesterday’s behind us

Let’s give it another try

Pre Chorus

To prove that I can do it

Nothing’s in my way

Celebrate another gift

‘Cause It’s a new day.


Oh oh oh oh oh

It’s a new day

Oh oh oh oh oh

It’s a new day

Verse 2

Life might bring some laughter

Life might bring some pain

But what really matters

Is how I choose to play

I choose to keep my head up

and face adversity

and when things seem to go wrong I’ll stand firm and believe


New hope

New life

New joy

New strength

It’s a new day (4x)


Verse 1

Everyone’s different

Each of us unique in who we are

A master piece by far

Everyone’s special

Gifts and grace and talents on display

We all take centre stage


So Look around and you see

Beauty Diversity

Cause everyone is special

Like the colours of the rainbow

We all glow

Cause every one is special

Verse 2

Everyone’s precious

You and I the apple of His eye

Exclusively designed

With our imperfections

He believes we’ve got just what it takes

He never makes mistakes


We each have our identity

A purpose and a destiny

Potential to do anything

Your dreams come true when you believe


Verse 1

Sometimes I wanna run away

Sometimes I don’t know what to say

When my dreams come crashing like a flood

And I wanna give up

That’s when I hear you speak to me

The words I need so desperately

My child if you hold on

Faith is what will you keep strong


Keep the faith

When you Pray

God will take the pain

He’ll make a way

Verse 2

Prayed so hard and waited long

When will I change my song

His promises I know won’t fail

Trusting until you prevail

A lonely road I’m travelling

But I know I’m closer to end

Deep down inside I know one thing

By faith in Christ I will win


Glass shattered with the broken pieces (pieces)

That’s my heart on the floor – sure!

Why’s my heart so sore? Or…

When will the pain pause – pause

Rain causing the downpour

Looking for another way to be changing my own score

I be searching for something that’s giving me the hope more

Than the pain I be feeling that’s making me feel so poor, ah!

You remind me

That your loving word is so timely

And when one strays from the 99

You will leave the rest to come find me

when my doubt tries to confide me

That’s when I remember

Under your wings you’ve chosen to hide me

As I find rest in your centre – now I….


Verse 1

You know lately

It’s been crazy

I get carried away

Life consumes me

Work gets busy

(And) I can’t find time to pray

Pre chorus

But As the deer pants for the water

My soul longs after (you)

You are my heart’s desire

Like the bride

Longs for groom

My heart makes room

For a love that is greater


I long for you

In this land that is so dry

I long for you

Cause only you can satisfy

I long for you

Satisfy this thirsting of mine

I long for you, I long for you

Verse 2

Amidst the craziness,

I long for quietness

A place to call my Refuge

Cause it’s the essence

Of my existence

To find myself lost In you


Verse 1

Oh lord I come

To you today

I’ve been told that you

Are the only way

My heart is hurting

I have no more tears

All that’s left is nothing

Nothing but emptiness

That’s why I’m calling you to


Save me

Save me

Take my broken heart

Give me a brand new start

Save me

Save me

Come into my soul

Oh Lord and make me whole

Verse 2

See my confusion

Led to an expedition.

I’ve Been through the motions

Read all the books

Searched high and low

Where else can I go

I open up the door

I’m not running any more


Take a look at my heart

Take a look at my empty empty empty soul

Take a look at me now

I desperately need you to come

Take control

To come in and

Save me!


Verse 1

Your eyes

They sparkle with innocence

Your smile

The picture of loveliness

Our lives

Together have just begun

You are

A treasure from heaven

Pre Chorus

One look at you is all I need

To know that I’ve been blessed indeed


Welcome to the world

You are an answer to our prayers

Welcome to the world

Oh baby we’re glad that you are here


My heart

Explodes with joy when I see your face

You are

Perfection wrapped up in grace

I promise

To always be there for you

I’ll be

The one you can look up to


There’s so much I want to tell you

So much I want to say

But right now i just wanna hold you

In my arms

There’s so much I want to tell you

So much I want to say

But right now i just wanna welcome you to the world


Verse 1

When I think about your goodness

And the way you show me kindness

I can’t help but say thank you

I’m grateful so grateful

When I think of how you love me

I’m surrounded by your mercy

I can’t help but say thank you

I’m grateful so grateful


I will praise I will sing

Lord to you my praise I bring

I will praise I will sing

Lord this is my offering

Verse 2

It’s amazing how you love me

Though I’m not worthy you forgive me Through the darkness your light guides me

Unfailing is Tour mercy

What can I give to repay you

Just to show you how much I love you

All my days Lord I will praise you

Cause I’m grateful so grateful


Ooh no one can love me like you do

Sooo a grateful heart I bring to you 2x


The joy that I’m feeling

Got me jumping from the floor to the ceiling

If you know the feeling then you the joy of the Lord is appealing

If you know my journey

Then you know my Lord has been there for me

Celebrate today

If joy’s not here then it’s on its way

Let dance to the left to the left

to the left to the left to the left

Let dance to the right to the right

to the right to the right to the right

Go forward go backwards

Go forward go backwards

Nothing in this world can change me within

That’s why I dance that’s why I sing